“We encourage
the globalization
of hope.”



Who We Are

The Caravan of Hope is a non-profit organization that collects goods and funds in support of humanitarian issues in Latin America. We are 100% composed of volunteers, many of whom are humble immigrants themselves who have seen these issues firsthand in their countries of origin. Led by Fr. Hernan Astudillo, rector of the San Lorenzo Anglican Church in Toronto, we provide relief to poverty-stricken individuals in countries where pain and hardship is an everyday reality.

Our Mission

  • To share, inspire, and globalize solidarity with the most impoverished people in the Americas (Both within the local community and throughout Latin America

  • To recuperate innate human values such as trust and self-esteem for those affected by

  • To inspire through the testimony of faith, hope and love of the most excluded peoples, that it is possible to transform the world with solidarity.



After an environmental catastrophe, poverty-stricken families and communities are not equipped to rebuild and resume their lives on their own. The Caravan of Hope sends emergency supplies to victims of natural disasters, along with our message of solidarity and hope. In addition to our aid, we’ve also launched several initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals affected by disasters.


Ambulances &
School Buses

The Caravan purchases decommissioned ambulances and school buses and fills them with medical supplies and equipment and school materials. These ambulances are then driven 6,500 km across the continent to Latin America and donated to various organizations aimed at reconnecting isolated families, establishing health centres, and offering free medical services to impoverished communities.


"Without the
poor there is no salvation.”



Our Story

In January 2001, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook El Salvador, followed by another 6.6 magnitude earthquake in February. More than 200,000 homes were destroyed, 1.3 million people were left homeless, and 1142 people were killed. Father Astudillo responded to the devastation by establishing the Caravan of Hope. Raising funds from organizations and individuals, the Caravan sent 11 shipping containers filled with emergency supplies to affected communities. The Caravan also mobilized 5 school buses filled with emergency supplies and food and drove them 6,500 km to El Salvador.

Since then, dozens of buses have been sent to impoverished and disaster-stricken communities in Latin America. These buses have revitalized community infrastructure by becoming health clinics, libraries, and transportation for isolated communities. The Caravan has also overseen other initiatives that better the lives of Latin Americans, such as the establishment of the town of San Lorenzo in El Salvador.


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